people try their hardest

Not everybody can be as expressive or tolerant, or agile, or etc. as you are. The point is that, like the Nigerian maxim says, it’s the same hot water that makes yams soft that makes eggs hard. Don’t use yourself as yardstick for other people because you’ll probably always see them as inferior. Please, definitely, … Continue reading people try their hardest


we complain too much

i've been away a while. i've been busy trying to get my life in one piece. i began to notice that there's so much i should have done that i left pending and the number one on that list is living. i've noticed this in a lot of us as well. the truth is that … Continue reading we complain too much


Semblance: the reason why appearances can be deceiving. The basic definition of semblance should to seem like something. How can I show the semblances that we experience in our everyday lives? In some cases it can be a very, very disturbing phenomenon. While at other times it could be very advantageous. Semblance is the reason … Continue reading Semblances